Quick Tip For a Migraine Fix

Quick Tip For a Migraine Fix

Even when using Migraine Stop, once in a while migraine symptoms break through and affect us in our daily lives. When this happens it can shock us and we begin looking for anything and everything to stop the pain. 

Here's a chart from our friends at Migraine Buddy. They asked their subscribers what quick fixes are most effective when a migraine comes on and this is what they found. 


migraine buddy graph


The top three non-drug reliefs were ice packs, hot showers, and a heating pad. Interesting how temperature can affect us so much, right?

Then yoga and meditation fell into place followed by food, caffeine, and water. 

Migraine Buddy commented that rest and water intake might be lower on the scale because so many Migraineurs use this method effectively. So with this information we crafted a migraine take down action plan for you.

First, take a few moments to meditate and relax while placing and ice pack or cold pack on your neck, shoulders, forehead, or lower back. Whatever you feel helps you the most. 

Then, when you’re ready, jump into a hot shower and keep in the meditation mindset. 

When you're out of the shower, get comfy. If you can, try to eat something comforting to you that might have some caffeine in it, like dark chocolate nibs. Turn the lights down and drink some warm tea and get ready for a rest session. We hope you'll wake up refreshed and renewed with no migraine symptoms. 

We think the key to this method will be to stay in the mindset of healing and resting. This is an active thing you are doing to get back to tip-top shape, not something you should feel anxiety over. Once you let yourself heal without feeling like you're doing something "wrong", you'll be able to live a few moments a little happier than before. 

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