Sharing Migraines With Coworkers

Sharing Migraines With Coworkers

Do you share with your coworkers about your condition?

Hi everyone! I’m interested to know how you think/feel about sharing your migraine story with your boss and coworkers.

Today I learned that because migraines are the 3rd most widely-spread illness in the world makes migraine a condition that is no longer a personal problem, but a public health issue that affects humanity on both social and economic level. Did you know American employers lose more than $13 billion every year, resulting from 113 million lost work days? I don’t usually think about it this way, because with my migraines I completely understand that time off is needed. Even if I was “at-work” with a headache, I really doubt I’d be productive. Usually, I don’t get migraines anymore, but EVERY TIME I’m too lazy to grab my Migraine Stop they usually kick in about 3-4 days later.

So here’s the thing… people who have never suffered from a migraine don’t realize that this is not a dull headache or a minor health condition. That is why most people around us, especially our coworkers and managers, don’t have any idea about what you're going through.

It is a personal choice whether to inform the people at your workplace that you are dealing with a migraine. It depends on how severe and frequent your attacks are and what the office culture is. If you decide to reveal this personal information, make sure to find the balance between sharing something that makes you vulnerable. Naturally, your condition deserves empathy and support, but it could also cause an adverse effect on your career and work relationships.

Some of us find the stress and efforts used to keep migraines a secret overwhelming. Plus, it helps when people around actually know when your brain is ready to implode so they can help you instead of being judgmental. Sometimes the best thing in the world is to just not talk about it!

So what are your thoughts and stories with sharing about migraines at work?

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