Watch Out for Fall Migraine Season!

Watch Out for Fall Migraine Season!

Hi everyone! If you're like me, you really want to embrace fall this year. Every year we get to September, and I want to decorate and fill my house with coziness, but life gets in the way!

One thing is for sure - Migraines can seriously ruin the fall vibes. With Migraine Stop, I haven't had to worry too much for years, but I still find myself cautious about Migraine triggers. It's a habit! Anyway, I wanted to share with you some of the triggers I KNOW can catch us off guard during autumn.

Watch out for these top 2 fall migraine triggers that you can actually work on avoiding, unlike the changing seasons and weather.

Top 2 Fall Migraine Triggers

1. Stress & Sleep

Post-summer busyness can leave us rushing around throughout fall. Autumn is especially hard if you have kids just starting school, or getting more involved with sports and extracurricular activities. Busy days can make us miss out on much-needed sleep and increase stress. Just stay calm and live in the moment, guys. Make sure you are keeping your health a priority and go to sleep earlier if you need to wake up at the crack of dawn. Or say "no" to some activities that might take away from your relaxation time.

2. All the Foods

Not only is wine harvest season around, but celebrations, candies, comforting recipes, etc. are favorites that make fall so enjoyable. Unfortunately for us, many foods can be migraine triggers. Know yourself and avoid foods that trigger your migraines! Sometimes we are tempted to be bold, and give something a taste, even if we have a hunch it's a trigger for our migraines. I know from experience that each one of these moments confirms I was right and should not have taken the risk because even if a full-blown headache doesn't happen, I still feel anxious about it. Indulge in your favorite blankets, movies, or treats that don't trigger your migraines instead!

What are your Migraines linked to during the fall season? With Migraine Stop, you should be able to avoid and reduce MANY of the migraines you endured in the past. Have you explored the new Migraine Stop package options yet? Stock up on your Migraine Stop now for fall!

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Jenifer Pridgeon
Jenifer Pridgeon

September 14, 2018

I have 2 questions:

What if you miss a day of pills, can you double up the next day or take some when you feel a migriaine coming?

Is MigraineStop safe take when pregnant or breastfeeding?

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